Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nine Six Nine

There’s a gang called ‘Nine-Six-Nine’
Most of its members are religiously blind

They urge people to shun a religious community
Mobsters united against victims are creating disunity

So-called Buddhists illogically cry that they love Buddhism
But they dare not know that they are trapped in racism

So if someone highlights their racial and religious discriminations
They will label him ‘a Kalar’, making groundless allegations
 [Note: Kalar = a pejorative term for people of Indian descent and Muslims]

The one allowed to spread hate speech is a ‘969-Buddhist vicar’
Contrarily you can be sentenced to two years just for removing a ‘969-sticker’

But even some human rights champions are reluctant to say that it is not fair
Consequently sectarian violence may be in the air

Some people wonder whether there is a mastermind
Surely! Certainly! The Big Brother has a political axe to grind

Moreover some ordinary people are also expressing their racial animosity
Some familiar faces are creating Timelines full of prejudice, a real moral monstrosity

Despite the government’s serious wrongdoings
Blaming it alone to hide our communal hysteria is not an effective solution
I often timidly dream that we put ourselves in victims’ shoes and make a moral revolution

by Kaung Kin Ko [27 August 2013]


A 969er said...

I am a 969er, Buddhist and peacemaker. You are a supporter of Islam terrorists. This poet, you (Kaung Kin Ko) is also a terrorist because of this poem. You may receive the support from Islamic terrorist org. Real 969ers are not terrorists. They are creating peace among all human beings. Politicians, medias, writers and poets like you are foolish because of supporting Kalar Islamic Terrorists.

Kyaw Thurein said...


Khaing K Thwe said...

Bravo Kaung Kin Ko! You are good ideologist. You expressed what was really happening in community where the 969 terrorist were supported by some of buddhist who are very nerrow minded. Buddhists sh protect the image of buddhism by condemning 969.